Updated on July 17th, 2024

Mandao Returns 2020

Mandao Returns 2020 Full Movie Online – Jay Mandao is not your average hero. He’s an astral projecting time traveler who spends his days hanging with his adult nephew Jackson, crashing on his scheming cousin Andy’s couch, and riding with his cabbie friend Fer. In the days leading up to Christmas, Jay tries to make contact with his deceased father Raymond, but ends up contacting the ghost of B-movie star, Aura Garcia. Aura enlists the gang to astral project back in time to prevent her death. Jay quickly finds out that the more he messes with time, the more he falls down a rabbit hole of cults, conspiracies, and death. This Christmas is gonna kick astral! The sequel to Mandao of the Dead. – Stream Mandao Returns 2020 in HD For Free – RARBG Official

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Original title Mandao Returns
IMDb Rating 7.4 104 votes
TMDb Rating 4.5 4 votes